Mission Style – Warm & inviting 2 story in Rideau Park

This home was filled with a custom dining table, kitchen cabinets and other furniture we’d built for the homeowner in 2005. Nine years later, just after the Calgary flood of 2014, they called us back. The Honduras mahogany dining table, featuring an Amboyna burl inlay, had been submerged in water along with the cherry kitchen cabinets and other custom furniture in the living room.

Fortunately, because we’d put such a durable finish on the table and because we were able to help the family quickly, the wood was largely protected from the water and we were able to simply refinish the table, built-in bookshelves, armoire and upper kitchen cabinets. Only the lower desk drawers and kitchen cabinets had to be replaced. Today, all the pieces are as beautiful as ever, and a striking example of the perseverance of fine woods and craftsmanship.